Maintaining an aquarium tank is a fantastic and challenging endeavor…and there are plenty of challenges. One in particular is the ability to keep your reef inhabitants healthy and fed while you keep your water quality at its best. In other words, for those of you who feed your reef, how do we do so without overloading it with excess nutrients? We do not believe that we are in a position to tell anyone how to maintain one’s system and respect the saying that “what works for one may not all ways work for another.” However, we think that we are onto something good and want to share it with the community.

AquariaOver the years AlgaGen has experimented and applied its Live Feeds to the art and skill of maintaining reef tanks.  At AlgaGen we are hobbyists, amongst other things.  As individuals we have had great success using the Live Feeds in our tanks and have experimented with our systems prior to releasing anything new.

At AlgaGen we strongly believe that Live Feeds and the skill involved in using them is an area that has not been truly pioneered yet.  Plankton is SO important to natural ecosystems AND if we are all using artificial seawater, WHERE does our plankton come from?

At AlgaGen you will find the source for the highest quality Live Feeds that are being produced.  You will have access to the same products used by the New England Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Federal Hatcheries, production facilities, Universities and Research Institutes throughout the world.


Algagen PremiumWe produce a line of PhytoPlankton called PhycoPureTM; a line of CopePODS called AlgaGen PODSTMand a line of clean, non-live feeds called Coral SmoothieTM

Other Live Feeds offered are Live Mysids,  Live Marine Feeder Shrimp, Live Brine, Live Rotifers, Moina Salina as well as Freshwater Moina.  We are constantly growing our Live Feeds offering so keep an eye on our website.



Aquaria2  We have initiated a new program called the Live Feeds Program (LFP).  We believe that it is a game changer for the hobby/industry.  We are setting up stores around the country with a steady supply of Live Feeds; a new tool for the hobby.  Check our store locator for a store in your local area.  IF there are none demand that you LFS participate.