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Over the years AlgaGen has offered Contract Production of microalgae, copepods, rotifers and decapsulated brine to Federal Hatcheries, Public Aquariums, hatcheries, small to large aquaculture companies as well as private labs.  We consider outsourcing as an opportunity.  The full production of microalgae and zooplankton requires equipment, personnel, time, budget, and space.  Given all of the mentioned criterion, it is still not a guarantee that production of plankton will be consistent.   Production costs can be substantially reduced if biomass is purchased as needed and used as is, or to scale up quantities.  Our specialty is JIT (Just in Time) production.



Contract production services include:

Species isolation: when a strain becomes contaminated with other algae or “bugs” we can re-isolate and clean it up.  A target strain can also be isolated from raw seawater for use in mono-culture.
New Species Development: a strain of interest can be isolated from raw source water, isolated, cleaned and “developed”, meaning protocols established to effectively produce the target organism to scale.
Biomass Production: is the production of a target organism to predetermined levels of biomass.  This includes both microalgae as well as copepods.  The use of copepods in production may not be a situation where everyone has to have their own copepod production department.  There have been numerous cases where feeding copepods once or twice during a developmental bottleneck has made all the difference in percentage survivals.  One strategy for using copepods is daily, where space/personnel are required for both algae and copepod production.  The other strategy is to “order out”, save valuable space for target organism production and buy the copepod numbers necessary to get through the developmental  bottle neck(s).


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