Contract Production

At AlgaGen our core competence is the ability to produce microalgae (cyanobacterium, diatoms, flagellates, dinoflgaellates, etc). We have a vast experience set that encompasses 30 years plus of academic as well as industrial production ranging from bench to 30+ acres. Producing microalgae(and zooplankton) is what we do.

Contract Prod1

At AlgaGen we realize that for many projects, institutes, and hatcheries algae and/or zooplankton production is a means to an end and not an enjoyable task. For this reason we offer contract production services.


contract prod2





Contract Production services allow facilities to skip the laborious, costly, steps involved in the day-to-day algae/zooplankton production grind and get right into dense, healthy cultures perfect for direct use or for inoculating larger volumes.


contract prod3                                                AlgaGenPic05

Contract Production Services also include species isolations , new species development and biomass production.