There is evidence that Spirulina has been consumed and cultivated by man for thousands of years.  Spirulina is called a microalgae by many but it is actually a cyanobacterium, an organism that bridges the bacterial and microalgal worlds.  It comes from the lineage of organisms that utilized the toxic gases of our ancient atmosphere and produced oxygen, eventually leading to an atmosphere conducive for life as we know it.


Spirulina itself is known to have a hi-protein content (60-70%), high amounts of vitamin A, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and vitamin B amongst other compounds.  It is considered a “superfood” by some and by others a “functional food” .   A functional food is a food given an additional function , often one related to health-promotion or disease prevention.  The health claims surrounding the regular consumption of Spirulina are vast and amazing.  However, we cannot support these claims but do believe that Spirulina is a fantastic, healthy food.  It is low on the food chain, and in our case produced responsibly with the highest quality ingredients possible.  Since we are not going to try to recount the numerous claims regarding the health benefits, we encourage you to perform your own search on-line.


At AlgaGen, we have spent years developing our own strain, which has adapted to the tropical conditions of Florida.  Keep in mind that Florida is the state that reputedly possesses Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of youth.  AlgaGen’s Spirulina is grown in artesian spring water, pure, and full of essential minerals, probably very similar to what Ponce drank from.  Our Spirulina is high in protein, has an over- abundance of vitamin A, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and enzymes.  Since 2008, AlgaGen has been producing Spirulina in-house to feed family and friends.  With all the positive feedback we have been receiving, we decided to open production up to the community with a fresh frozen product called ZIP-100;  ZIP for vigor, energy, health and 100 for 100% natural, pure, good.  There are advantages to eating fresh frozen ZIP-100 Spirulina.  When Spirulina is fresh frozen the sensitive nutrients, enzymes, proteins, lipids are not damaged and are accessible.  When Spirulina is exposed to heat (cooked) many of these components become denatured, oxidized or diminished in some way.  With fresh frozen ZIP-100 you are receiving everything that Spirulina has to offer…try it you will notice a difference.


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